How It Began

In 2001, a missionary from Southern India spoke at our home church, sparking a profound desire in Steve to help the country. Another missionary reiterated the need for assistance, this time in Northern India. Consequently, Steve financed the construction of the first of many churches in South India. In 2003, Steve, along with his son Christian and others from our church, were invited to go on a mission trip to both South and North India, enabling them to witness firsthand the work that God was accomplishing and witness the completion of the inaugural church.

In 2010, while attending a Bible school class centered on "discovering your divine destiny," Steve felt compelled to establish what is now known as "Churches for the Nations." The ministry's primary objective is to build churches where no church exists. Prior to its official establishment, Steve had already sponsored the construction of 10 churches. Over the following years, Steve's vision expanded to include South Africa and Sierra Leone, where numerous additional churches were constructed with their funding. Presently, Churches for the Nations has financed the building of over 70 church structures, while diligently continuing their mission of building churches where no church exists.