In Loving Memory…

Numerous Churches have received financial support through a program known as "Legacy". This initiative enables individuals to make donations in memory of a loved one who has passed away, as a way to pay tribute to their memory. By contributing funds, Church(es) can be constructed in their honor and a commemorative plaque will be installed to remember the departed individual.

Furthermore, if you are interested in giving donations after your own or a loved one's demise, please reach out to us for assistance regarding estate planning and endowment options.

Le Dinh Hoang

Le pursued many interests including computer technology, business, and most recently as a barber in Alexandria.

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Gilda Mae Miller

She will be remembered for the things she gave but even more for the love behind the gifts.

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Abraham Williams

Wherever he went Abe witnessed to everyone about the Lord Jesus.

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Richard Wynn 

Richard had a passion for life and God. He was a devoted husband, father and friend.

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Michael Chrisinger

Mike touched many people with his testimony about Jesus, often singing and playing his guitar.

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Ruth Ann Hughes Gartell 

Ruth was the eldest of five children and was a loving daughter, mother and accomplished pianist.

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