Michael Chrisinger


(Church Built in India)

Mike was the first of 12 children born to Edward and Roberto Chrisinger. The family was transferred many times due to the numerous Marine Corps assignments. Mike graduated Fairfax High School in 1964 and enlisted in the Marine Corps.

Mike served 2 tours in Vietnam and was wounded twice while there. Mike worked at a number of different construction jobs after his time in the Marine Corps. In 1970, Mike became a Christian and was an enthusiastic evangelist for the Lord. Mike eventually ended up in a military related government job.

In 1999, Mike developed some health problems and was diagnosed as having a type of blood cancer. In 2006, he was told that he had very little time left and was assigned to hospice care. Mike spent his last month at his parent’s home in Fairfax being cared for by his parents and his brother Bill. Mike was buried at Quantico National Cemetery with full military honors. Mike is survived by his wife, two sons and three grandchildren.

Mike touched many people with his testimony about Jesus, often by singing and playing his guitar. After Mike’s death, the following statement was found in his guitar case, in his handwriting………”I lay my life down at your feet to do with me what you will. My life is no longer my own for you are my destiny.”