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Steve Osburn

Churches for the Nations Founder

Steve and his wife, Linda, have been residents of Virginia for more than 35 years. Transitioning from his role as a Real Estate Principal Broker and Owner of Investors Advantage Realty was not a significant leap for Steve. Both Steve and Linda still actively work in the business, using the profits to support churches overseas. Steve’s preparation for this ministry began over 40 years ago when he became a Christian. He has dedicated his life to serving the Lord and has earned his Doctorate from Life Christian University.

In 2002, Steve’s life changed forever when he journeyed to India on a short-term mission trip. The sight of extreme poverty and spiritual darkness deeply impacted him. Upon returning home, he was filled with humility and compassion for the people he had encountered.

Through prayer, Steve and Linda felt the Lord calling them to establish 50 churches. However, this vision has now expanded to a greater goal of building 1,000 churches during their lifetime for the advancement of Christ’s kingdom.

CFTN, short for “ChurchesFor The Nations,” was formally established in 2010. Through the generosity of many donations, CFTN has been able to finance the construction of more than 50 churches, schools, and children’s homes. This has all been done to bring glory to God.